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This site is solely for the purpose of helping people understand the wireless industry. You will also find practical free resources and great applications to make your wireless world better. We will have an open forum for people to share their hints, tricks and the latest “buzz” on new products as it relates to the wireless world. Our staff writers all have hands on industry experience. We have professionals from engineering to sales with over 56 years combined knowledge! Buzz On Cells always tries to bring the most up to date and accurate information. However, the cellular industry changes fast and information on carriers rate plans, coverage and terms of use are not guaranteed, but merely a guide to use by the reader. It is always best to visit the carrier’s site directly for most up to date information. We are not legal consultants nor do we imply that any statements will hold up in a court of law. We are here to give our opinion and guide you with advice that will help you find a direction to getting the answers you need.

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