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Best LG Phones – Top 10 Revealed

Person holding LG phone

LG is an electronics giant and their innovative designs continue to impress time and time again. For 2019 there is no shortage of great electronics to choose from, and when it comes to mobile devices few offer what LG does. We have compiled a list of the 10 best LG phones on the market today […]

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Why You Should Buy Galaxy Note 6

So, it has come time to choose a new smartphone. Which brand shall you go with as there are seemingly so many from which to choose? However, oftentimes, the debate is narrowed down to two brands in particular, Apple or Samsung, the iPhone or the Galaxy. In this article, we’ll explore the Galaxy Note 6, and […]

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How Good Is the Samsung Galaxy On5

Woman taking pictures of the soccer game using the samsung on5

Modern cell phones are becoming increasingly expensive. If you go out and purchase the flagship phones for Apple and Samsung. When smartphones first hit the market, you’d pay $$ at the most, and still, you usually received a free phone as long as you signed a two-year contract with a wireless carrier. Now that feature […]

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10 Things You Don’t Know About Apple Phone

apple phone

With the release of the iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max, it seems light years since Steve Jobs debuted the long-rumored original Apple phone at the 2007 Macworld Convention in San Francisco. Ever the charismatic stage presence, he teased that Apple was releasing three devices:1A wide-screen iPod with touch controls (even standalone, this would have […]

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iPhone 6s Colors: Everything You Need To Know

different colors of iPhose 6s

image source: PexelsIf you’re looking to buy a new phone without breaking the bank, then look no further than the iPhone 6S. With advanced texting and calling abilities, the iPhone 6S goes above and beyond your average cell phone. This iPhone comes with iMessage, FaceTime, and iTunes, which are all necessities in today’s modern technological […]

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Nexus 6 Features: Our Comprehensive Guide

Person holding a Nexus 6

Upon its release, it was an amazing phone for the price offered. It is affordable, and we would recommend anyone purchasing it. So what makes the Nexus 6 so special in 2018? Is it worth it? These are the questions you might be asking yourself as you determine whether the phone is a good choice. […]

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LG Phoenix 2: Is It Worth the Money?

lg phoenix 2

There are all kinds of mobile phone options available on the market, but the one you choose comes down to what you’re looking for in a phone and in a service contract. Many phones require you to be attached to some kind of contract in order to work properly. Most of the top phone brands, […]

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Best Blu Phones – Top 10 Revealed

Person holding a Phone

It’s almost impossible to get by today without a smart phone. We use them for calling, texting, streaming, gaming, and taking pictures. You name it and there’s probably an app for it. However, with the price of premium phones topping $​$$ and the exorbitant data rates major carriers charge, users are looking for low-cost alternatives. […]

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10 Best LG Phone

person holding a LG mobile phone

Even though brands like Huawei, Apple, and Samsung are getting the most attention these days, there are other manufacturers that not only produce magnificent smartphones but provide them at reasonable prices as well. One of those is LG, the devices of which are known for their high quality and long lifetime. Today we will be […]

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10 Of The Best Phones Under 200: Affordable & Chic

Best Phones Under $200

Billions of electronic devices are part of today’s world and without them life as we know it wouldn’t be the same. Either you want it or not. Technology is an unstoppable force as it grows bigger and better continuously. Objectively, phones are the devices that play the biggest role in our lives as we have […]

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