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Why You Should Buy Galaxy Note 6

So, it has come time to choose a new smartphone. Which brand shall you go with as there are seemingly so many from which to choose? However, oftentimes, the debate is narrowed down to two brands in particular, Apple or Samsung, the iPhone or the Galaxy. In this article, we’ll explore the Galaxy Note 6, and […]

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Cellular Thoughts

News flash: Cellular provider AT&T announced plans to upgrade their 3G UMTS network to deliver considerably faster download speeds. Upgrades are expected to begin this year and be completed in 2011. This upgrade will involve implementing high-speed packet access version 7.2. This is part of AT&T’s plan to deliver the nations best mobile broadband experience. […]

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Unlocked GSM Cell Phones…

…will generally not be found at your local cell phone store.  Your local cell phone shop usually follows the carrier’s rules that they sell.  Most, if not all US Cell Companies, do not allow their agents to unlock phones or sell unlocked phones.  No one really knows the true reason, however some of the excuses […]

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Hacking Cellular Smart Phones

I have been doing some research on cellular security hacks. Hacks are modifications that will change the way the cell phone works. Sometimes, this is referred to as phone phreaking. I have been truly shocked by the security breaches being exploited by hackers around the world to gain access to your cell phone calls and […]

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Cellular for Better or Worse

Spring is finally here. It’s a beautiful day. I’m enjoying the sun and warm weather. And then my cell phone rings. I can’t even enjoy a quite lunch without someone calling. I don’t dare leave it home or turn it off. I might miss an important call. Someone might need me. So, what has cellular […]

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