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Nokia and Microsoft Looking to give a Solution

Most recently Nokia and Microsoft look to team up and offer a smart phone solution.  Nokia is one of the oldest, and in my opinion, one of the most reliable phones when it comes to signal sensitivity.  Nokia has been one of the phones I have personally steered customer to, when signal is an issue.  […]

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AT&T to Deploy HSPA 7.2 – Big Deal or Not?

AT&T has announced plans to upgrade their 3G network to deliver HSPA 7.2. These announcements always seem a bit of a tease to me. It’s going to take a couple of years to roll out the changes to make this happen across a network the size of AT&T. So what is HSPA 7.2? What’s it […]

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T-Mobile Cell Phones May Soon Be Obsolete!

…in the U.K. that is.   It looks like the cell phone wars are heating up in the UK.  There is suspicion that Duetsche Telekom’s T-Mobile in the U.K, may be bought out be Vodafone.  This suspicion was trumped by higher stock value in both Vodafone and T-mobile stock across the great waters.  There are 5 […]

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New Sales Approach at Tmobile!

Tmobile corporate owned stores have been undergoing new looks, and now early indicators are that they will be taking a completely different sales approach in their stores.  T-Mobile has been opening their new “Playground Stores” that seem to be having success in their laid back approach to customers.  The approach is to casually greet a […]

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