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Wired verses Wireless

I got my phone bill yesterday. I still struggle with why I still have the wire line phone. Like so many others I have had a cellular phone for so long that I never give out my home phone number anymore. If I want someone to call me I give them my cell number. Mostly […]

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Why Is My Wireless Reception So Bad

Why is my wireless reception so bad? What makes my call wireless? Why did I miss my call? I hear these sort of questions every day. There are many reasons why your wireless reception can be less than ideal. First, let’s talk about wireless reception. What is it? I define wireless reception as the ability […]

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Cell Phone Customers and the Cell Phone Landline

Now in the year 2009 we have seen more choices afforded to the cell phone customers. Initially cell phone customers were comprised of the elite few who absolutely had to have communications in their car for professional reasons such as Ceo’s, executives, the rich and famous, limo drivers, government vehicles and more. The first customers […]

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Cell phone reception, Cell phone PCS, Cell phone carrier

I came across a memo the other day, talking about cell phone pcs. I had to pause. Had I read it right? I think most people know what a cell phone is so; it must be the pcs part that confused the author. PCS stands for Personal Communications Service. This is the name of the […]

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Cellular – In-building coverage

One of the big trends today in the cellular industry is in-building coverage. The handsets have become so small and portable that people are taking them every where they go. What’s worse is these same people expect that their phone will work where ever they are. Most people just don’t think about where they are […]

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